Rug cleaning is a very important thing and the way you clean all kind of everyday stains and spills solely depend on the kind of fabric you have chosen for your rug. Here are a few tips that would help you in your cleaning process.

For rugs made of wool, acrylic, rayon and cotton, always blot whenever there is an excess liquid in your spill or stain. Never rub in these fabrics and once blotted, use a cleaning solvent.

–          Always remember that if you have any stain at woolen rugs, you should always use neutral detergent and should be immediately dried. The best example of a neutral detergent is Dawn dish washing liquid which is to be applied after mixed with water.

–          Never use oxy cleaners on a wool fibre rug as they would fade the dye of the rug.

–          If any liquid spills, be sure to immediately blot the place dry with a towel and don’t use pressure. Never use heat or iron it and let it dry on its own. If you heat it then it will only leave an odour.

–          If your rug requires a complete cleaning then we would suggest you to get professional steams cleaning by calling a professional rug cleaning service. You might see slight change in the colour after cleaning which would be no more than 5%. If you have a rug of darker shade it would be more susceptible.

–          Rugs which have lush piles never use dry powder cleaner on them because later on it would be very difficult to remove the cleaning residue. Use dry powder cleaners only on rugs with slow pile or in surface stains.

–          Laundry detergent should never be used for wool fibre rugs. Your rug’s complete color shade would get altered because of its residue.

For synthetic rug, like olefin, nylon and rayon rugs always use neutral detergent and dry them up quickly. Like woolen rug they could also be washed with Dawn dish washing liquid when mixed with water.

–          You can use œoxy cleaners upon synthetic rugs and always follow the cleaner’s instruction while washing them

–          Laundry detergent is not good for even synthetic rugs as they leave a residue and would alter the actual color of the rug.

For silk rugs, you should always use dry cleaning process and nothing else. Since, they are of high quality fibre you should always consult a reputable professional rug cleaner before cleaning them.

Rugs which are made of fibres like natural things like jute, sisal, seagrass, hemp or coir are always to be cleaned with natural detergent only. Also they should be immediately dried off after use. Dawn dish washing liquid is a good example of natural detergent and it can be used when mixed with liquid.

Always follow the below important helpful hints:

è For liquid spills, you should always dry the rug from both side and not just the side where the liquid was spilled.

è Spills with color like juice, red wine or soft drinks etc. you should first sprinkle baking soda or salt upon the spot and let them absorb the liquid color. Leave the spot to dry for few minutes and then vacuum it.

è If you have a pet and there are chances of pet odour then to neutralize the smell, you can sprinkle a mixture of 1 cup borax and 2 cup cornmeal upon the rug. Let it be there for an hour and then vacuum it. You could also use commercial cleaning products to remove the pet odours.

è Vacuum beater bar should be used for cut-pile rugs. Set the beater to the rugs pile level to clean.

è Never use a beater bar when you are cleaning a hand-knotted, looped or braided rug. You should use vacuum suction for these types of rugs.

Please note: Manufacturer’s warranty specifically doesn’t include damaged your rug because of improper use of the vacuum cleaner or it was spoiled by the pets or you have used non recommended cleaners.

You can contact our customer service department by calling at our toll-free no if you have any specific queries regarding care and cleaning of rugs.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Does the manufacturer’s warranty cover area rugs?

Yes. Every rug that we sell in comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is against the manufacturing defects that might occur in your rug after you have purchased it. There might be defects either on the workmanship or the product material and the warranty starts from the day you have purchased it. if any kind of such defects are detected the manufacturer will repair or replace the whole rug without any charge at its discretion. Warranty doesn’t include normal wear and tear of the rug.

To register for a claim that comes under manufacturer warranty, you can contact our Customer Service department between 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday Eastern Time. Our customer service toll free no is OOOO. You can also mail us your query or complaint to with a copy of original purchase bill as proof. This manufacturer guarantee provides you few special legal rights and there are other rights which vary from state to state.

Is there any kind of special warranty requirements?

Rug pads are life saver for every rug and to avail the warranty, you should always use a suitable rug pad under your expensive rug.

What is not covered under warranty?

Rug with normal wear and tear will not be considered under warranty. Along with it, there are other elements which might affect the look and feel of your rug and many of these elements are not considered under warranty. Such conditions are sure to happen and it is not a manufacturer defect.

The other elements not covered under warranty are the following:

–          Any difference in the colour or texture from the sample that you have seen onscreen or among 2 rugs.

–          If you see any kind of roll marks which usually appear because of shipping and will disappear when vacuumed regularly.

–          Seam rolling that will disappear when roll it in reverse.

–          There will be shedding at the start which will decrease gradually and stop.

–          There might be crushing and matting because of high traffic parts and the pivot parts.

–          Because of light reflections there will be changes in colours, highlighting or shading.

–          Loss of single tuft of fibre or normal sprouting and pull of the tuft.

–          Change in colour because of humidity, sunlight, atmospheric changes or chemical.

–          Improper use of vacuum cleaner or beater bar

–          Placement of rug that has no water resistant ability when rugs are kept in damp or wet areas.

–          Damage of the shreds of tufts by pets

–          Improper maintenance by cleaning through wet process.


  1. Exclusions and Limitations

A manufacturer’s warranty will not cover usual wear and tear as well as certain other natural elements described above, though they are inherent characters but not limited to. These elements and other as such might affect the appearance or performance of the rug. These elements are applicable to rugs that you place on indoor spaces and at environments where temperatures vary from normal to humid. It doesn’t cover any change in appearance due to cuts, pulls, stain, burns because of improper and inadequate maintenance or abuse by nature or pets. It also doesn’t cover rugs that are placed at the stairs or ramps and areas which are subject to rolling or wheeled apparatus.

  1. Remedy Exclusions

The Rugsforever warranty is limited to actual repair or replacement when it comes to liability and exclusive remedy. The total liability on the warranty will not exceed the actual price the purchaser paid or the invoice amount. Rugsforever will not be in any way responsible for any kind of property loss or damage or bodily injury. If any kind of damage occurs due to removal or relocation of furniture or even any kind of consequential damage or cost incurred in repair or replacement, Rugsforever will not be held responsible for it.

  1. Non-transferable

The warranty associated with all of our rugs is intended only for the protection of initial buyer and in no way can be transferable to any other party.

Will my rug warranty be void if we use vacuum beater?

Yes. Manufacturers specifically exclude from their warranty any kind of damage that happened by vacuum cleaner or vacuum beater. This is not considered as a manufacturing defect but a maintenance defect.

My rug has been shedding a lot, is it a defect?

Every handmade rugs exhibit certain degree of shedding during its initial stages, even for the woollen rugs. It is a completely normal practice and isn’t a manufacturer’s defect. The shedding will decrease gradually and stop completely with regular vacuum.