Customizing your rug is a very easy thing and if you want us to design your custom rug then you would be receiving the easiest and fast process you want. We have the facility to handle the whole process starting with designing the color co-ordination of the rug to installation at the space you want it installed. We would also love to have you personally involve and guide us in creating the masterpiece you want to create. We welcome you to send us your ideas; either by sending us the images of the room where you want to place a rug, your ideas as in how it should blend in, your own artwork and colors if you have as well as swatches of your choice. We have a team of refined artisans who can match your chosen custom colors and create the piece with the most professional accuracy.

Our pricing tiers and delivery lead time varies according to the type of rug you want us to make. We are very enthusiastic and competitive team and our main focus is to maintain better rug industry standard by offering tailored pricing tiers that would match to your needs. We also have good and friendly tie-up with designers and architects who could help you in designing the right rug for you. If you have a designer or already working with one, you can do all the coordination through him or her and we will be happy to help you if any other assistance is required.

Our services are flexible according to your wants and you have the full control to design and create your rug or runner in the way you want, starting from the design, technique used to produce as well as the materials used to create it. We have a variety of techniques and you can choose amongst them. We have hand-tufted, hand knotted, flat weave and shaggy style techniques from which you can choose. The materials used for weaving the rugs are many and we always use high quality pure New Zealand wool, silk, mohair, cowhide and many more.

Our service also includes free colour samples for you to check, art-works and colour/pantone matching. We have a dedicated design team and you can work along with them in each step of the production process and ensure that your rug is created in exactly the way you want it to.  Your custom rug will be completed with 4 weeks from the date of your order if you choose for express service. If you go for standard service it will be completed in 6 weeks.

About Rug Couture

We are team of rug making company who are into rug retail business from the last 10 years. We clearly understand how important it is for you to find the most perfect rug that will blend in with your interior and enhance the space. The rug design and the way it will compliment your room and lifestyle is a very personal thing because we can understand the value it has for you. A rug doesn’t just add charm to the interiors but also adds functionality and add a finishing touch to any room that otherwise looked mundane.

Many times you already like a particular colour or specific shade and your heart is set to use that pattern or colour in your design which would give the whole show a particular edge and would talk loud about your taste and lifestyle. We can give you exactly what you want and not something that you have seen somewhere but something that you actually want.

Why to go for customized rugs?

Our motto is to design rugs which would make a fusion of your passion by adding the most appropriate technique our knowledgeable design team could garner and provide the most fascinating and satisfying shopping experience to each of you rug lovers.

With custom rugs you have the benefit of creating what you want rather than settling for something that matches with what you want. You can order our rugs online via our website and with our wide superior level of collection of colour, design, style, size and shape; we hope you would find your dream rug in our store. With custom rugs we are sure your endless search for that particular size for your odd shaped room or that particular design that would match with your already fabulous furniture would be over. You don’t have to hop on from store to store as you have rug couture as your one stop destination for any design you want. If you don’t find your desirable rug here, we can design it for you. You can choose from among the hundreds of plain collection we have or contact us for your utterly special bespoke order.

While offering our customers a wide choice of size, we always ensures that we could provide the best of our services, especially to people who have particularly large rooms but would only want to decorate one space and yet make the rug fit in with the whole setting. If you are worrying about letting us know the specific size you want as you will be assisted in every page of ours with a list of normal popular rug sizes.

Handmade Rugs made in India

RugsForever is an award winning rug making company which specializes in handmade rugs. Here our artisans blend in the age old carpet making technique with the really innovative and upgraded contemporary designs and forms. We always try to elevate the art of carpet making to levels beyond imagination. Our journey of making RugsForever this big couture brand started in the year 2009 at New Delhi. We have been serving clients like Luxury hotels, lounges, palaces and premium residences by providing them the most auspicious looking custom carpets.

We try to bring out the most creative contemporary designs and turn carpets into refine pieces of art. Our design studio has creativities that varies from statement luxurious rugs which are studded with Swarvoski Elements to Handspun Bamboo silk rugs that are hand woven and portrays the look of a canvas painting. We also make luxury rugs with high quality fibre like Banana Silk, Raw Silk, Bamboo Silk and New Zealand wool.

You can see unique and most creative pieces which have Austrain Swarovski embellished in it. You won’t have the carpet as just a piece of rug placed on the floor but a masterpiece that would give your home décor an aesthetic touch. Our unique designs and innovative patterns would complement any house making it look complete. has been lucky enough to adorn end number of Villas, Homes and Palaces across the world making us feel proud of our own creation. We are also happy to be one of the leading carpets making company to adorn the best hotels in the country with our beautiful unique carpets.