PRIVACY POLICY understands your queries and concerns related to internet privacy and security. We know how important it is for you to keep your information safe, which is why we take special care to keep your information confidential and secure. All of your personal details are encrypted, including your credit card number, address, email and name so that no one can retrieve the information while it is passed over the internet.

How our secure servers work?

–          Starting with your order

Each time you place an order with us, your connection is secure. Every data that you submit through our checkout form is encrypted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

–          Making your positive ID at the site

Once you have selected the items that you want to purchase, you will be prompted to proceed towards the “proceed to checkout” section. When you reach this point, your browser will search for a site certificate in order to confirm that whether it is communicating with our store or not. Once the browser is sure that a positive ID is being made, you will be able to continue with the transaction.

–          Ensuring that you have a secure mode

Once your positive ID is made, your computer and our server will start to communicate in a secure mode by sending to and fro the data in an encrypted format. Once your communication is secure we are ready to ask you your credit card details. The browser software’s encryption features are very powerful and it always ensures that the data transmitted are secured.

–          Completion of your order

Once you provide your credit card details, they are stored in a database which is on a secured web server. So whenever you want to purchase new items you have to have login privileges on the server which would require a password created on your own. Only when a user provides the login details, they can access the database which would also need a password.

The order information that would include your credit card numbers can be retrieved only through a web interface. If any user is trying to access it, then they will automatically expire the session after ten minutes if they fail to provide the password twice and then they would have to login again. Every transaction during all sessions is again encrypted using SSL. We never sent anyone’s credit card no via email because of the fact that most emails are not secure.

How to know whether your connection is secure or not?

Usually a standard unsecured URL address always begins with http:// but when you are entering into a secured zone the URL beginning would be https:// in which the ‘s’ stands for secure. You can also notice that most servers that use secured line would display a blue line that appears on top of the browser window. There are few servers which show a broken key or open padlock symbol at the lower corner of your browser when you are viewing a site that is unsecured. The broken or the lock will become solid or close respectively when you enter into a secured zone.

How we secure or protect the information that you provide us?

We use SSL which is an industry standard Secure Socket Layer encryption in order to protect all the sensitive data that you provide us. All your personal information including your name, contact, email, credit card and billing information will be encrypted so that no one will be able to read them.

We always try to provide an extra layer of security while using your computer in places that has more than one user, like a public area or a corporate sector. When you login to our site from such areas, even while opting for auto-login and face the circumstance of third parties having access to your details, your credit card details and password would still be secured and will not display. Unlike any other programs that have auto-login, our system will ask you to type in your password every time. This makes the connection secure thus making sure that it is you who have really signed in and not someone who is pretending to be you. Rugsforever is a VeriSign Secure Site and the deal of the VeriSign is always there on the bottom of the page which lets you to be sure that it is that you have signed in to and we will be protecting all the personal details you would be providing us every time.

What are the information’s that we collect from you?

Whenever a visitor logins or browse our site, our server will automatically collect all kinds of non-personal details. These identifiable information’s are the internet server that you are using while browsing and details of the pages you are surfing in our site. Along with this we also store details that you provide us when you purchase anything or while you enter your email. If any day you volunteer to complete a survey provided by us, we also collect the information you provide there.

How we collect this information?

Like any other internet sites, even our site uses cookies to recognize all the returning customers. A cookie usually is a system where pieces of information about your browsing history are stored in your computer hard drive by your browser. These cookies help us to determine your preferences and help us keep a track of what you like and which are the items that you have added into your shopping cart.

What we do with the information that we have collected?

With the collected information we evaluate the preferences of our customers. With these information we are able to offer better content, preferred products, easier navigation and hassle free checkout services.

You can opt for our email list, where we regularly send updates on offers, new product addition, additional services and discounts on certain products and special promotion list. It is upon you to either join the email service or opt out of it anytime you want. The customers who provide us their contact info will only receive calls from our side regarding orders they have placed and not otherwise.

Customer information that we have in our data base is used to process transactions for our company as well as any other third party vendors. Although these third party vendors have contracts with us and are restricted from using any of your information in any other way but only in helping is provide you services and products that are available in our site.

Sometimes we might provide your personal information like name and email to affiliate companies or organizations from time to time, but rest assure we do not divulge any of your credit card or billing information.

Ad Servers

We are not in any way connected or related to any ad server companies.